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Envision Temperature Thermal Scanner


The temperature measuring module allows EASY CHECK to perform a fast and accurate body temperature measurement. When the user body temperature is above normal (___°C) EASY CHECK will trigger an alarm or send a push notification to the person in charge of access control. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3°C.



EASY-CHECK can be used to “flag” a user who isn’t wearing the protective covering. The user will be invited to wear a mask to gain access to the premises. Once the Mask has been put on again, the system will scan again and do Mask detection.



EASY-CHECK relays on the latest face recognition algorithms enabling the unit to recognize a face even when the user is wearing a mask. Any user will be able to keep his masks on at all times while still gaining access to the premises. Face recognition accuracy: 99,7%..

EASY-CHECK can be installed in hospitals, schools, buses, government facilities, private companies, hotel’s lobbies and any other place that requires risk prevention measures. The perfect solution for the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Johannesburg | Pretoria | Greater Gauteng


Smart Analytics

AI-Powered Video Analytics on Edge:
• Advanced AI engine for people detection, dramatically reduces the adverse effects of distraction by small animals, light rain, lighting changes, etc.
• Higher accuracy and fewer false alarms.
• Multiple event rules for different application scenarios.
• Video Content Analysis (VCA) detectors for Intrusion, Loitering, Line Crossing, Unattended Objects, Missing Objects, Face Detection, and Crowd Detection.
Photo booth integration

Envision Smart Analytics Line crossing Motion detection

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